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Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative Data Collection This qualitative research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of various academic activities and determine which of them should receive more attention. In this paper we need to work out strategies of data collection and sampling. At the moment Green Valley Community College has faced the necessity to implement changes into the curriculum due to the fact that many students feel dissatisfied with absence of technology use in the classroom and inappropriate educational methods.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Qualitative Data Collection specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is why it is crucial to assess the attitude of students, parents and teachers toward the curriculum. On the basis of these findings, the administration will be able to tailor the courses, offered to the learners. The key method which is going to be used is qualitative survey. This survey will include different types of questions. First, I intend to include contingency questions in this survey. For instance, one of them will look in the following way: â€Å"Do you feel satisfied with the quality of training, provided at Green Valley Community College? If no, tell which areas require improvement.† Furthermore, I would like to apply a five-point Likert scale item in order to measure students’ and teacher’s attitudes toward the curriculum. This question can take this form, †How do you feel about the curriculum in Green Valley Community College?†. The respondent will need to choose one of these options: Very Satisfied; Satisfied; Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; Dissatisfied; Very Dissatisfied. In this way, I will be better able to evaluate the perceptions and attitudes of the participants. The questions in this survey will prompt the learners and faculty to make recommendations about academic curriculum, the use of technologies, and educational methods. I do not plan to use Yes/No and force d-choice questions in this survey because they are not very suitable for measuring people’s perception and attitudes. Under the circumstances, a longitudinal survey study will be necessary, because it helps to understand how attitudes and perceptions change over a certain period of time (Lodico et al, 2010, p 202). In my opinion, this approach will let us see whether the new teaching methods and academic activities have managed to improve the quality of education in this college or not. At the point, I have yet to determine whether it will be a one-shot or longitudinal study.Advertising Looking for assessment on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The duration of this research will depend on the decision of the board of directors. A longitudinal study requires more time and funding, however, its findings are much more reliable. In turn, a one-shot study only measures current perceptions and attitudes, b ut it cannot track the change of people’s attitudes. This study will have three groups of subjects: 1) students; 2) faculty; 3) parents. I have yet to determine the exact number of participants; however, I would like to use the so-called snowball sampling, which means that the respondents, themselves, help a researcher to find new subjects (Gray et al, 2007, p 117). In other words, those students or faculty members, whom we have already interviewed, can refer us to their group-mates or colleagues. It has to be admitted that such approach to sampling is usually very time-consuming, because the number of participants may grow at a very fast pace (Babbie, 2008). Nonetheless, this strategy will enable me to better understand the needs of both learners and educators. According to my estimations, this research will involve at least thirty representatives of each group. It should be taken into consideration that in the course of this research, I will also need to study several locat ions within the college. As it has been noted before, it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of new technologies. In this case, I will need to pay special attention to computer labs, library and class rooms. The key task is to determine whether computers and software solutions, used in this college, are well-suited for the needs of the students and faculty. This analysis will allow the administration to see what kind of technologies is most needed. Perhaps, some computers and programs require updating and upgrading. The most convenient method of data collection is observation. There are several steps which I need to take in order to gain permission for the study. First of all I need to contact the board of directors. These people are the key decision-makers in Green Valley Community College. They will determine the amount of time and funding that would be available for the needs of this research. I will need to explain the potential benefits of this research for this educati onal institution. Moreover, I will need to contact the faculty members to make an appointment with them. It will also be necessary to contact both parents and students and explain to them the rationale for this study.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Qualitative Data Collection specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The findings of this research can be of great assistance to the administration of Green Valley Community College and other educational institutions, which have also encountered such a problem as students’ dissatisfaction. Still, the reliability and usefulness of this study will strongly depend on the research design, data collection procedures and accuracy of analysis. Reference List Babbie. E. (2008). The basics of social research. NY: Cengage Learning. Creswell, J.W. (2008). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle Riv er, NJ: Pearson Education. Gray. P. Williamson J. Karp D. (2007). The Research imagination: an introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods. Cambridge University Press. Lodico, M. G., Spaulding, D. T., Voegtle, K. H. (2010). Methods in educational research: from theory to practice. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc.

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Alcohol a nectar of the Gods

Alcohol a nectar of the Gods The taste is pure satisfaction. It is advertised everywhere and sooner or later you are bound to try it. Just the smell of it can cause some lucky alcoholics to begin salivating at the mouth. Alcohol can lead to the wonderful world of addiction. If you are one of the selected few, you could become an alcoholic very quickly. Upon becoming an alcoholic, your life is bound to fall into place. Everyday will be packed with free time. Free time to drink all day and do as you please because you have most likely been fired from your job by now. If you are still working, just keep going in half tanked and hung over. The supervisors tend to really love this. Alcoholism can possibly make for tight funds. So drink cheap beer and get some rich, alcoholic friends to support your habit with. If you want to experience something totally euphoric, try driving under the influence. Driving gets much more interesting with blurred vision. If the cops catch you drinking and driving, they will haul you off to jail and lock you up in a cell for the remainder of the night. Its kind of like staying in a hotel if you think about it. If you have a chance to escape the law, put the pedal to the metal because they usually end up confiscating all your stash and a lot of beer money. My only tip is drive after each night out because you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Also, if you are a person who likes to change cars frequently, drinking and driving provides the perfect opportunity, because you bound to hit a telephone pole or two. Being an alcoholic is one sure way to get the women and be proud of yourself. Girls really get into the staggering and bad breath. Girls think it is really great when you need them to lean on, preventing you from falling to the floor. And if a girl smells alcohol on your breath you can bet they will be standing in line to make out with you that night. The glossy, red eyes from being drunk let girls know that you are really into them and think they are the most beautiful thing on the earth. Being drunk often brings words of wisdom and the best out of everyone. It is almost guaranteed that you will wake up in the morning and be so proud and pleased with everything you said and did the night before. Another great thing about drinking is when you fall asleep you will sleep better than when you were a baby. You know you ve reached the ultimate goal of any alcoholic when you like to drink alone just as much as with others. Drinking alone makes you so independent. Drunks set many good examples and hold moralistic values. It could be said that your typical drunk could be any model American. With so many great results from drinking, I can’t understand while anyone would hesitate to start. Drinking stimulates physical implications on the body. Waking up the next morning after a long night of drinking with a hangover is the perfect re ason to start drinking again. That pounding headache and nauseated feeling is enough to drive anyone to tip back a bottle of booze. Without another beer, it could be hours before you walk straight again. Repeated drinking episodes with hangovers will eventually lead to interesting internal defects. Topping the list would have to be dead brain cells, and a liver that refuses to work. You will know you fit into this category when you cant spell your name you are scheduling your dialysis. Alcohols effects over life are constant. From immediate results amplified through hangovers to lifetime disorders, it makes visiting the doctor a guessing game.When you feel your life is coming to end due to the effects of alcohol, do not fret, because you will have known you lived life to its fullest. The biggest legend of all would have to be the man that died of alcohol poisoning when he got up to see who was at his door. It was the Alcohol Anonymous group. He sure showed them. I hope that you now understand all the benefits tha t come from being an alcoholic. Please drink for the well-being of yourself, because beer isnt just for breakfast anymore.

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Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Political Science - Essay Example They are applied equally to all humans without discrimination and hence they are universal in nature and represent a common standard of achievement for all people and nations. When we talk of someone ‘having a right’ or ‘it is their right’, reference is made to human rights. Rights therefore entail entitlement to something and an obligation for someone else to provide it. Governments are obligated with the duty of promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms. If the right is endangered or denied, a person can make special claim on moral, political and social ground. Rights are thus a field of rule governed interactions centered on and under control of right holder (Donnelly, 8). Right holders are therefore not passive beneficiaries of their rights but are actively in control of them. Some rights apply to particular groups of people in order to achieve full humanity such the rights of women, children, disabled and the marginalized but should not contradict with other human rights. Human rights are based on an agreed convention such as universal declaration of human rights which governs claims of human rights and has been ratified by nations to guide their laws and international law. Human rights have become an important feature of contemporary international politics in recent years. Before the Second World War, human rights were a domestic affair. Each nation exercised these rights as it deemed necessary and states were sovereign. No states or international community was allowed to interfere with internal affairs of another nation. During the war, many atrocities were committed against people which made the protection of human rights an international priority (Viotti & Kauppi, 286). Women, children, Jews and homosexuals were murdered by Nazi government. The international community intervened and those responsible were charged for crimes against humanity. Human rights issues were discussed at UN meetings and

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Community Health Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community Health Nursing - Essay Example In the past, those applying for health insurance had to have restrictions included in their medical insurance offering if they had additional medical conditions. In South Carolina, individuals who are eligible for HIPAA can choose to acquire individual medical insurance from the state’s High Risk Pool which is required to proffer individual medical insurance to all persons, including those with medical conditions. There are also organizations such as Medicaid to cover individuals who live on a limited income and have fulfilled the requirements of the South Carolina’s Medicaid eligibility panel. Mini-Med, or Guaranteed Health Insurance, is another option for individuals that are not able to meet the requirements for personal major medical insurance. These options are attainable for most people as those who have problems with income have the option of purchasing an insurance plan which has lower premiums and a high deductible that will cover them for accidents or even major illnesses. Such individuals could also opt for temporary health insurance in order to obtain stopgap coverage when unemployed. My definition of health is influenced by a combination of factors. My education stipulates that physical health is achieved when the body is not affected by illnesses and has elements from the major food groups to oversee its continuation. However, my culture also emphasizes on the importance of spiritual as well as mental health if a human being is to be completely healthy. I live in a multicultural society, and so my definition of health is also affected by the beliefs of different cultures in my community. For instance, there are people who feel that it is very important for family connections to remain close if all members of the family are to remain in optimum health. This is because this particular community beliefs that bad relationships in the family, or strained ties, interfere with the positive energy within families which is

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Seeking Harmony as a World Citizen Essay -- Personal Narrative Essay E

Seeking Harmony as a World Citizen "Excuse me, do you speak German?" - outside of that church's organ recital in Bonn, Germany, the distinct Japanese accent caught me by surprise. My weeks of study and internship gave me new confidence, so I answered, "Yes, yes I do." The Japanese woman's companion, seeing my nod, immediately began to overflow with German praises. I looked at her, elderly, in a wheelchair, and she told me the story: that music-loving Japanese woman pushed that music-loving German woman out of the church, medieval in design and thus not disabled-friendly. "What generosity," I translated in my native tongue, the only go-between these women had. "A million thanks for your help, I couldn't have made it out without you." The Japanese woman nodded, understanding, but her only reply was, "Does she need me to take her somewhere else?" "No, no, and thank you - God bless," I translated. The German woman smiled, grabbed her hand, kissed it. She grabbed my hand, kissed it too, and wheeled away over the cobblestones. Awestruck, I smiled to the Japanese w...

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Interpersonal Communication Essay

First off, let me welcome you to a brand new world of love, care family bonds and holy matrimony. My name is Stacey Lindsey, and I am going to give you an idea of interpersonal communication is going to affect your lives, and the skills/knowledge you will need in order to find yourselves together and still happy 50 years down the road. Marriage today seems, to some, to be a fly-by-night operation. I stand here today writing you to let you know that this does not have to be the case. If you two are willing to take suggestions and follow a simple set of rules based on a healthy relationship built on proper interpersonal communication, then you have a chance to find yourself happy and in love for some time to come. Communication is the keystone to any strong relationship. In order to truly understand ourselves and our loved ones, we must first understand the way that we interact in our day to day intermingling. Explain the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications. In the text book Making Connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication (Sole,2011), we are shown that there are six basic principles at plat regarding Human communications. First, we are told that communication is symbolic. Second, we are shown that communication is shared meaning. Third, communication is shown to be a process. Fourth, the argument is made that communication is culturally determined. Fifth, we are shown that communication occurs in context. Sixth, we are told that communication is purposeful. While these principles serve to explain the basic meanings behind how communications work, there will always be a basic misconception about how and what communication is meant to be. It is important, though, to remember that a basic set of principles guides us through understanding interpersonal communication. The use of symbols is widely believed to be what makes human language unique. A symbol can be anything that conveys a meaning, and it can be written, spoken, or non-verbal. Drawings, photographs, and music can be symbolic. Even objects such as homes, automobiles, clothing, and jewelry can be symbolic (Sole, Sn. 1.3, para 2.). Human beings have a unique ability to make almost anything stand for something, giving an almost endless ability to communicate. The fact the communication is shared meaning is the driving force behind the ability to visualize stories and information through shared language and symbols of our world. Our perception will directly affect how a story is communicated, so we must see these shared meanings as abstraction. Communication is a lifelong process by which we gain knowledge and experience, with which we sharpen our communication skills. Because this is an ongoing thing, we must continually work to maintain and build on the relationship we form. Communication is culturally determined, meaning that our cultures, or the way we eat, sleep, live and understand the world, affect the way we communicate. Many white americans idealize a dispassionate and logical mode of debating and problem-solving. In mediation this is expressed in maxims such as â€Å"separate the people from the problem† and the use of caucuses to cool down emotions (Fisher and Ury, 1981). In Black and White Styles of Conflict (Kochman, 1981) it states that African Americans construe a difference in communication style differently, and that â€Å"Blacks call this constraining mode of behavior fronting, and they generally regard negatively situations in which it is necessary to front†¦ All blacks consider fronting to be a strain†. Our ability to rationalize, our willingness to work things out, and our likely hood of finding common ground with someone we disagree with is greatly affected by our culture. Communication must be understood as a context driven subject. Where, when, and how we come to communicate is going to drive how we interact with others. Things such as our physical state, our mental well being, and the emotion surrounding a subject are sure to contribute to how we appreciate a communicated subject. It is important to remember that communication is purposeful. We do not communicate simply to make noise, but instead to share meaning and connect with others. Our needs are influenced and met through interaction with the outside world. These principles of communication guide us to understand the meaning and importance of human interpersonal communications and how we can communicate properly. There are misconceptions in interpersonal communication, though. The belief that we communicate only for our own good and that we will be unable to understand the meaning behind something without the proper context is wrong. We will find our way as we need be. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions. Competence, language, perception, and information are all barriers that can get in the way of effective interpersonal interactions. Any of these four barriers can cause an issue so great that effect communication is made impossible. All four parts must be met satisfactory if clear and concise communication is to be had. An article in the periodical Supervisory Management (1991) a situation is given that shows the proper way to get past barriers of effective interaction. â€Å"In order to make certain that you cover all aspects of a subject, you must take the time beforehand to plan what you want to say. In the case of an unsatisfactory employee, for instance, it’s not enough to know that his work has been slipping. Think about when you first noticed the problem, list examples of the problem on a piece of paper, and be prepared to explain what changes in the quality of performance you are requiring. Mentally go over the employee’s work history for the past few months to see if you can determine when they occurred. Pinpoint episodes that caused problems in the employee’s performance and prepare yourself to discuss them. Put yourself in the employee’s position and anticipate how he will react to what you are saying. Then try to prepare a proper response†. (Para. 4). All four barriers are avoided using simple tools. Competence, or having the knowledge to understand the subject, is taken care of by planning what you will say. The language section is covered by the same effect by known what you will say and how you will explain your thoughts. Your personal perception is a tough barrier to breach, but by listing examples of the particular problem on a piece of paper and taking that aspect of perception our of play, you effectively move forward. Lastly, the information that has been complied in order to present a clear and concise explanation of what is needed and how it can be done will avert any issues of this becoming a barrier. Averting the barriers that get in the way of interpersonal communication in its top form is going to give you a stronger relationship and a better avenue to share and learn about each other. Not allowing these four barriers to get in the way of your communication will leave an open line of communication to share your feelings and understandings of the world with one another. Recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception. Words are very powerful things. By uttering just the simplest word we can bring division and even hatred into a relationship. The miscommunication of language and can lead to misunderstandings, loss of clear communications, and at times, the end of a relationship completely. This does not have to be true. Understanding that words have power, and they can create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception is a tool that will allow you to communicate to the best of your ability by understanding the power of your language. A word has the ability to represents can create a myriad of different emotions, feelings, and reactions. By choosing to use a word in one way, we find that we have affected another persons attitude, behavior, or even their perception of us/ ourselves. I, personally, noticed at a young age that my use of certain words in certain ways brought forth great emotion in the people around me. An example of this is the word â€Å"faggot†. I have never, and do not expect to ever, had an issue with homosexuals or their personal lifestyles. My use of the word described a person who did something extremely silly that I found myself unable to understand. Certain people would react angrily to the word, while others would accept it as funny and laugh away the misunderstanding around it. Sole (2011), tells us â€Å"Negative connotations often act s triggers to derail your interpersonal communication. We all have trigger words that create an immediate emotional reaction when we hear them† (Sect. 4.1). By understanding how we interact with one another, and how our words, and not only our actions, effect those around us as well as ourselves, we stand a chance of finding away to communicate effectively. Define emotional intelligence and its role in effective interpersonal relationships. In the text of Making Connections: Interpersonal Communications (Sole, 2011), emotional intelligence is defined as â€Å"The capacity to understand, communicate, and manage emotions and feelings and to understand and respond to the feelings of others† (Glossary), Emotional intelligence plays an integral role in effective interpersonal relationships. Without the skills mentioned we may never have a true understanding of what makes our loved one tick. We, as human beings, are a complicated lot. Our emotional make up is complicated, our ways of communicating are affected by an array of outside sources, and we can be tough to keep up with sometimes. If a husband is unable to sense a change in his wife’s emotional state due to something able to connect and communicate properly in order to find out what may be bothering her, he is doomed to fine himself alone, or worse, in an unhappy relationship. The ability to understand, communicate, and manage emotions will give a husband or wife the ability to make it through life a bit easier, as life will never be easy itself. Evaluating appropriate levels of self-disclosure is satisfying to a stable relationship. The quality and quantity of marital communication and disclosure had been linked to the level of perceived satisfaction within the marriage. Self-disclosure is one type of marital communication that has been identified as a key factor in this development. Although quality communication is defined differently from study to study, most agree that happy marriages and self-disclosure go hand-in-hand. Sharing private feelings, fears, doubts and perceptions is essential to self-disclosure and allows reductions with your mate will be. Once you mutually determine that you want to establish long-term relationship, disclosure continues and over time leads to more personal topics. Permitting one’s true self to be known can be difficult, yet to build a solid rapport in marriage it is imperative. The Risk of Self- Disclosure While self-disclosure can have many positive benefits; it can be risky, and can have negative consequences, true enough. Sharing information about yourself makes you vulnerable, and van be used to take advantage of you. However, it is the only way you can learn, feel, grow and have a meaningful, successful marriage. Broadly speaking, empathy as a form of self-disclosure, gives us the ability to feel for another person, to imagine oneself in the same situation, enduring those same experiences and emotions. Empathy is also something you both will have to learn; you must have the mental flexibility to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Effective Interpersonal communication is often based on empathy, since interpersonal communication skills refer to how we interact with each other on a personal level. Whenever two people care about each other, as you do, they use many different interpersonal communication skills. Empathy is one of the most crucial skills that we have and can use on a daily basis. Listening with empathy can help you express yourselves and feel heard, as well. Learn to improve your self-disclosure. Empathetic listening will not only give you the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, but also provide a supportive listening environment. Neuroscientist Jean Decety, believes that empathy is even a mirrored emotion and that empathy is one of those human impulses that defy easy explanation. It gets entangled with sympathy or compassion or commiseration; it submerges into altruism. Empathy requires emotional control-the capacity to distinguish yourself from the other person, a gift invaluable to experiencing closeness in a relationship such as marriage. Describe strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts. Conflicts are sure to arise in any good, healthy relationship. Though this may seem odd, it is part of effective interpersonal communication. We must be able to discuss our feelings and needs, and at times, we have to argue about the importance of these needs or emotional situations. By listening, understanding and communicating effectively, you will find yourself in a place of understood emotions and happy campers. As a newlywed couple you must remember that life can only be as good as you make it. If you are unable to communicate effectively, you must look at the current situation and see if it is caused by personal error or a misunderstanding of how a relationship is supposed to work. If effective interpersonal communication seems to be impossible, maybe it is time to take steps towards a better understanding of what effective communication is, and maybe it is time to reexamine your relationship as it stands. To find your selves in a relationship that is healthy, open, full of free and exciting communication is the goal here. Good luck, and good night. Reference Fisher, Roger and Ury, William (1981) Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. New York: Penguin Books, 1981 Kochman, Thomas. Black and White Styles of Conflict. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press. 1981 Sachs, R. (1991). Overcoming the Obstacles to Communication. Supervisory Management. Vol. 36, Iss. 7; Pg.4 (found through ProQuest at Ashford. edu) Sole, K. (2011). Making Connections: Interpersonal Communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Ashford Student Library ProQuest Shared Talking Styles: Herald New Last Relationships

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The Testament Of The Bible - 823 Words

The Bible simply says in Isaiah 55:9, For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. God does work His wonders in ways that are beyond finding out! The congregation at Calvary has heard repeatedly about the classic book called Pilgrims Progress. In this timeless book there is a man named Mr. Worldly Wise. It doesn t take long for a Christian to realize that he shouldn t have listened to this man. Mr. Worldly Wise does not have the mind of God. There would appear to be great wisdom coming from his mouth, but it s not from God. Something that will have to be accepted by faith, no matter how good the intentions, if the direction that a person is going is not governed by God s wisdom, that journey, that path, will end in hopelessness. The Church, His blood-bought Church, has the special revelation called the New Testament. One would think, with all the technology, modern science and medicine, that the Church would e volve to a place in society where the message of reaching the world would be different than it was when the Church began. But lest we forget the declaration of Isaiah, â€Å"His ways are not our ways.† The giant gulf that separates God and man is impassable. There is no way to get from here to there apart from the wisdom of God. His wisdom is completely separate from worldly wisdom. As Paul makes clear in 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who areShow MoreRelatedThe Testament Of The Bible833 Words   |  4 PagesI have learned a lot in the New Testament. It’s important to know how the author intended the book to be interpreted. Also if we know the basic historical background, it could help comprehend the meaning behind the book being written. If we really want to understand the bible to help us grow spiritually, we must be informed in our history. It could tell us why our ancestors went through certain trials. We can then know why we still face dilemmas from their past actions today. History continues toRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible933 Words   |  4 Pagesthem, â€Å"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth†¦Ã¢â‚¬  is the verse most Jews and Christians turn to in an effort to justify marriage, committed sexual relations, and procreation within the marital relationship. Yet, the Bible teaches that the most prominent figure of the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth was a staunch practitioner of the celibate lifestyle. As a partner in the creation of the universe, Jesus Christ would understand the mandate given by God the Father to populate the earth. The ChristianRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible1265 Words   |  6 Pages To some, believing that the Bible is trustworthy is near impossible. The reasons for not believing range from the fact that it was written by so many different authors over way too many years to the fact that there are too many different versions of the Bible today and was edited or changed too many different times. I believe that the words in the Bible are the words of God and Jesus as documented by the many different authors throughout the development of the Church’s history. One reason someRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible Essay1967 Words   |  8 Pagesus by means of the Bible. Being able to decipher the Bible, in its own way is a task in itself. Growing up as a young child, I had attended church with my grandfather, but back then I was not really exposed to the Bible, as I have been exposed to it by taking this course. The purpose of this assignment, is to research Moses and the Passover in Exodus 10-15 of the Old Testament in the Hebrew Bible. By using various resources such as commentaries, dictionaries, and the Bible itself has helped meRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible1231 Words   |  5 PagesThe Book of Leviticus is the third book of the Hebrew Bible, and the third of five books of the Torah (or Pentateuch), and the third book of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Moses was the author of the Book of Leviticus. Leviticus contains the law and commandments that God gave to his newly sanctified people to obey as their part of their covenant relationship. (Reading the Old Testament, Page 69-70) It was written because the Israelites had been held captive in Egypt for 400 years, theRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible Essay1209 Words   |  5 PagesThe Bible is about the story of a missionary, Jesus Christ, sent by the Father to the world. Before leaving the earth, Jesus commanded the disciples to be missionaries. He gave the Great Commission and commanded the disciples to be witnesses. Believers today are not only targets of the mission, but also proclaimers of the mission. In order to finish the task, Jesus gave us the handbook of the mission. In and through the Bible, God prepares the missionaries and the mission messages. There are manyRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible2673 Words   |  11 PagesThe Bible is a veritable catalog of the majesty and power of our creator, thy God and all of his works. Strictly from a literary standpoint, the Bible is seen as a masterpiece for its sheer diversity of form and content, for artistry, for affective power, and for the way in which no matter how well you think you know it, or how many times you’ve read it, you can always find new meaning in its text. The Bible isn’t just one book, but instead an anthology of 66 different ones written by various authorsRead MoreThe Bible : The Testament And The New Testament1425 Words   |  6 Pages The Bible is a collection of stories and teachings made up of two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament, as well as the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible. The Pentateuch and Old Testament follow the days of creation, the stories of Moses, and all that happened before Jesus was born. The New Tes tament follows the life, teachings, and death of Jesus. Before the Bible was written around 3000 years ago, it was told through narratives, poetry, and songs. Much like fairytales, whichRead MoreThe Old Testament Of The Bible1230 Words   |  5 PagesThere are several great leaders in the Old Testament of the Bible. However, there are some that deserve additional respect, and there are others that do not even have the great appearance or qualifications of a leader. Just as there are leaders such as these, a person that is related to both of these types of leaders is our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Old Testament leaders of the Bible that deserve further respect or do not have the greatest appearances or qualifications of a leader are easily comparedRead MoreThe Testament Of The Bible946 Words   |  4 Pagesextended from the foundation of the world. â€Å"According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.† (Ephesians 1: 4) And, it is mentioned in the very first book of the Bible. Some say that it can be traced back to the creation in the sentence that God placed upon the serpent; that in the words â€Å"He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel,† there is an intimation that God had in mind the plan of salvation